What we do

EROAD was established to modernise New Zealand’s paper-based RUC regime and in 2009 launched the world’s first GPS/cellular-based road charging system.

Our solution can be readily and rapidly scaled and deployed across entire jurisdictions because it requires no roadside architecture, and uses a SaaS-based web service.

We’re now a world leader in our field and expanding rapidly as we enter new markets.


As EROAD expands into new markets, so does our need for highly skilled Java developers, solutions architects, product managers, analysts, sales staff, customer service representatives, content creators and all the other roles that are essential to an innovative global technology company. Most of our staff are based at our Albany headquarters but our other offices are growing fast, too.

If the job you’re looking for isn’t listed here, and you think EROAD is the right company for your skills, please get in touch.

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EROAD is growing and changing incredibly fast. We look at your potential to grow when we’re hiring too, and where you might fit into the EROAD of the future.

If you're smart, talented, and want to work with people who are the best in the field, check out our job listings! The ideal position for your abilities may not even exist yet but if you have the right skills, the right attitude and we can see that you’re a good fit with great potential, we want to hear from you. Sign up here.

Working at EROAD

Joining EROAD is a great career move. We look at potential when we’re hiring, and your ability to grow with the role. We employ only the best, and ensure that our staff have the skills, training and technology to do their best work.

How you’ll fit in at EROAD is important as well. We’re really proud of our company culture and finding people with the right attitude is just as essential as a great CV.

Working at EROAD means learning from people who are experts in their field. It also means working hard – we have to, to be able to grow as fast as we need to! But we encourage a healthy work/life balance and our low staff turnover tells us we’ve probably got the balance right.

We have staff from all over the globe – 25 countries at last count – and we may just have the highest rate of boat/surfboard/windsurfer ownership of any technology company, anywhere.

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Why work at EROAD?

  • Career development

    We’re growing fast and we want you to grow with us.

  • Competitive salaries

    We pay higher-than-average salaries, and offer a generous bonus scheme.

  • Flexible hours

    We’re big believers in work-life balance and recognize that flexible working hours help get that balance right.

  • Carparks for everyone

    Everyone at our Albany HQ gets a rooftop carpark with a view. We're also five minutes’ walk from the station.

  • Latest software

    We make sure you have latest hardware and software you need to do the best job you can.

  • Swanky sofas

    Our big, bright lunchroom has comfortable couches, TVs, Friday drinks and frequent morning teas

  • Great location

    You can live at the beach and be five minutes’ drive from our Albany office.

  • Referral bonuses

    It pays to work with your friends!
    If EROADers refer a successful candidate for a role here, they get a NZ$3K referral bonus.

  • Wear what you like

    We care more about your work than what you wear.

  • Unlimited coffee

    You can make your own using one of our espresso machines or order from the café downstairs.

  • Wellness programme

    Subsidised gym memberships, health insurance and a quiet room for when you need time out

  • Social events

    Everything from fun runs to fancy dress parties – most of them including families.



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Where EROADers are from

We have staff from all over the globe – 25 countries at last count!

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EROADer stats

What EROADers do in their spare time:

  • 10ride on mowers
  • 16boats
  • 80bikes
  • 32surfboards
  • 4windsurfers
  • 31photographers
  • 28dogs
  • 48cats
  • 34chickens
  • 33bakers
  • 7brewers
  • 24languages

Five minutes with an EROADer

  • 5 min with Anthony Anthony Lombardo Test Engineer

    Anthony Lombardo recently joined us from Southern California but he fell in love with NZ when he was just 18.

    What do you like about NZ?

    The ability to surf and escape the crowds.
    In the US there are always crowds, you have to fight for everything, even a cup of coffee.

    Did you bring anything with you from home?

    We brought our dog, whose airfare cost more than ours put together - it was $5000!

    How did you get your role at EROAD?

    My CV was actually passed onto Bruce and it went from there! I was very lucky.

  • 5 minutes with Andrew Andrew Chang Java Developer

    Andrew moved to New Zealand from Korea when he was 14

    What you do at EROAD?

    I'm a web developer. I take care of EROAD's corporate websites, as well as the Help and dealer sites, and the front end of Depot.

    Was that always the plan?

    No, I actually studied to be a scientist! I never thought my career was going to be as a developer.

    When did you make the change?

    After uni some friends and I started building a dating website. That's closed now but I taught myself how to code and really enjoyed it.

  • 5 minutes with Sophie Sophie Blyth Product Manager

    Sophie is the product manager for the Oregon region and mobile product

    What does being a product manager entail?

    I own the delivery of EROAD’s products from the idea to commercialisation, and ensure they are quickly delivered to the market.

    Is it a technical role?

    No, it’s not strictly technical. In my role I represent the voice of the customer – I ensure a product is user-friendly. So it’s definitely not as technical as other roles at EROAD!

    And you were previously a tester?

    Yes, I have been a tester for 12 years now.  So it was an easy transition from tester to product manager because you’re still wearing the customer hat.

  • 5 min with Soona Soona Lee Senior Analyst, Strategy & Market Development

    Soona spends three months a year travelling for work, visiting new markets. 

    What does your role involve?

    I communicate with regulatory stakeholders to stay on top of policy developments and ensure our products meet regulatory rules and requirements. 

    How did you end up at EROAD?

    I was working for The Treasury in Wellington and Brian and Rebecca contacted me through LinkedIn. A month later I was living in Auckland!

    And you were the second EROADer to finish Round the Bays?

    Yeah. It started as a fitness goal and turned into a hobby. Running is good for time out. 

  • Jordan Hagan 5min Jordan Hagan Systems Engineer

    “One of the best things about working at EROAD is the scale of some of the problems we get to look at. With the rate of growth of the company we’re always trying to think ‘what would this look like if it were 10 times bigger, or 100 times bigger’.”

  • Afifa Chida 5 min Afifa Chida Senior Designer

    “What I love about EROAD is the number of experts here - people who have all these great skills. I’ve got exposure to engineers, developers, business analysts, and salespeople so I’ve got a whole bunch of experience in just six months working with people outside my discipline.”

  • Vijai Karpe 5 min Vijai Karpe Test Engineer

    "My role involves design verification for the SaaS team. It’s very important to have keen attention to detail."

How we hire

Your first interview at EROAD is likely to be with your prospective manager and our HR manager. This gives us a chance to find out more about your experience and background and gives you an insight into our team and the role you’ve applied for.

If it’s for a technical position, such as a Java developer role, we’ll ask you to sit a technical test prior to your interview. If successful, you’ll be shortlisted and we’ll get you back in to meet a second panel. 


At this stage you’ll also have a chance for an informal chat with the people you will be working closely with. You’ll also meet our CEO, Steven Newman. This is a great opportunity to gain his insights into the direction of EROAD.

Once the recruitment process begins, things move along relatively quickly. Some candidates have been known to walk out with job offers within a week of applying.  


If it doesn't happen that fast in your case, don't worry, we'll be in touch! We have a large number of applicants for all of our roles, and need to be sure that we select the right people for each.

We are very proud of our acceptance rate – less than 2% of our offers are declined by candidates. We think that's testament to our fantastic culture and focus on innovation. We hope you agree!

Working in New Zealand

Technology is New Zealand’s fastest growing sector, contributing $19.3b annually to the economy and employing more than 62,000 people.

EROAD welcomes applications from overseas candidates and is happy to sponsor working visas.

We want to help make your move to New Zealand as smooth as possible, and that includes your visa application. Once you are at the offer stage you will have a Skype call with our HR manager, to run through the visa application process with you. 

If you want to know more about working and living in New Zealand, please follow the links on the right. We will also consider candidates who are planning a working holiday in New Zealand (of at least a few years duration) and want some great experience before heading back to their home country. 


EROAD’s headquarters are at 260 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, 10-15 minutes’ drive from the CBD. There’s no shortage of housing in Albany and nearby suburbs. See TradeMe and realestate.co.nz for a guide to rental properties and houses for sale.

You can also do what lots of us do: live right by the beach and still be a few minutes’ drive from the office by basing yourself at one of the beach suburbs, from Orewa down to Takapuna. Commuting from the south side of the harbour bridge is easy, since you’re going against the traffic, and buses run direct from downtown to the Albany Bus Station.

If you want to get an idea of the cost of living in New Zealand, check out New Zealand Now or one of the supermarket chains. For more general information about moving to New Zealand, NZ Ready is a useful resource.

Visa applications

We are happy to assist any successful candidate with their NZ Work Visa application. As part of the process you will need to complete the following forms:

Work Visa Application
Partnership-Based Temporary Visa Application
Form for Partners

You will also need to submit the following:

Medical Certificate and Chest X-Ray Certificate (your doctor should be able to help with this part of your application).
Police Certificate

Meet the team

  • Steven Newman CEO
  • Andy Thackwray Senior Manager, Strategy & Market Development
  • Brian Michie Founder/Senior Vice President
  • Bruce Wilson CTO
  • Craig Turner Programme Manager
  • Jarred Clayton Engineering Manager
  • Mark Simpson CFO
  • Peter Batcheler EVP Global Sales
  • Rebecca McKaskell HR Manager
  • Sarah Farmiloe Operations Manager
  • Sara Goessi Communications Manager
  • Tony McNaught Corporate Affairs Manager
  • Reg Williams Customer Experience and Acquisition Manager
  • Hamish Sansom Product & Portfolio Manager
  • Aaron Blanchard Senior Embedded Developer
  • Afifa Chida Senior Designer
  • Alisha Francis Sales Support
  • Andras Lipoth Lead Firmware Developer
  • Andres Morrison Sales Engineer
  • Andrew Chang Web Developer
  • Andrew Davies Business Development Manager
  • Andy Petrie Customer Service Representative
  • Angela Melville Office Manager - Oregon
  • Aparna Gopalakrishnan Salesforce Developer
  • Barry Haworth Hardware Engineer
  • Ben Dagnin Production Assistant
  • Benjamin Lee Senior Installation Technician
  • Blaine Holt Product Manager
  • Bronwyn Mosley Accounts Administrator
  • Carlos Garbiatti Senior Java Developer
  • Cherie Murray Project Manager
  • Chloe Tham Outbound Sales Agent
  • Chris Solomon Algorithm/Firmware Engineer
  • Christine Brunner Digital Media Manager
  • Christine Douglas Commercial Technical Writer
  • Clemens Berndt Principal Architect
  • Cliff Burgess Regional Account Manager
  • Clint Morey Sales Executive
  • Clive Kukard Customer Care Agent
  • Craig Johnson Sales Executive
  • Craig Playfair Financial Performance Manager
  • Damon Cooper Project Coordinator
  • Dan Rollason Customer Services Representative
  • David Capstick Account Manager - Enterprise Business Development
  • David DeCaprio Sales Executive
  • David Morton Platform Engineer
  • Debbie Burkinshaw Sales Administrator
  • Dee Hazen Sales Executive
  • Denys Tyshetskyy Java Developer
  • Dhayalan Asoka Senior Engineer - Professional Services
  • Donald Beckwith Sales Executive
  • Ed Prisco Senior Sales Executive
  • Ekaterina Berlova Retention & Outbound Specialist
  • Erwin Neumayr Service Delivery Manager
  • Fay Parsons Sales Administrator
  • Gail Levario Stakeholder Manager
  • Gareth Davies Customer Services Representative
  • Gareth Robins Analytics Engineer
  • Gary Pope Customer Operations Team Leader
  • George Simmons Executive Assistant to CEO & Board
  • Graeme Wham Installer
  • Guy Hocquard Business Development Manager - Enterprise Sales Team
  • Haritha Piditiki Test Analyst
  • Hayley Gu Production Support
  • Helen Liu Test Engineer
  • Hugh Loughrey GIS Mapping Engineer
  • Igor Khripunov Java Developer
  • Ivan Forslund Sales Executive
  • Jeff Bowden Senior Sales Executive
  • Jeff Honey Insights & Analytics Manager
  • Jenna Burnet Enterprise Account Manager
  • Jennifer Allbritton Customer Service/Administration
  • Jenny Leybourne Receptionist
  • Johan Schuld Senior Embedded Engineer
  • John Collins Account Manager - Upper South Island
  • John Duneas Systems Administrator
  • John Wang Lead Java Developer
  • Jonathan Morgan Lead Java Developer
  • Jordan Burkinshaw Regional Sales Manager
  • Jordan Hagan Systems Engineer
  • Jordi Du Product Manager
  • Joseph Yang Customer Care Agent
  • Kah Ho Procurement Specialist
  • Kathryn Requardt Customer Support
  • Koi Talagi Customer Care Agent
  • Lawrence McLaren Installer
  • Lea Kapelevich Analytics Intern
  • Leeanne Riddington Product Manager
  • Leia Lattimore Team Lead - Customer Service Representative
  • Leia Omizzolo HR Assistant
  • Liesel Reitsma Customer Order Specialist
  • Logan James Service Centre Technician
  • Mandie Jacobs Accounts Receivable Administrator
  • Mark Sievers Java Developer
  • Martin Ruddy Technical Service Manager
  • Matt Bates Lead Java Developer
  • Matt McArthur User Experience Design
  • Matthew Simpson Product Manager - Hardware
  • Melania Inawati Production Assembler
  • Melissa Kershner Sales Executive
  • Michael Boyens Marketing Manager - ANZ
  • Michael Swarbrick VP Sales - North America
  • Michal Brouček Firmware Tester
  • Michelle Shotter Finance Administrator
  • Mike Parker Regional Account Manager
  • Mitch Patterson Digital Designer
  • Nigel Gray Embedded Team Lead
  • Nina Elter Senior Analyst, Strategy & Market Development
  • Paul Aimer Account Manager - Lower North Island
  • Paul Clark Sales Executive
  • Paul Kerr Talent Sourcing Specialist
  • Paul Sinclair Account Manager - Lower North Island
  • Peter Harvey Firmware Developer
  • Rebecca Kemp Product Manager
  • Rebecca Kirk Regional Account Manager
  • Richard Hansen Commercial Networks Manager
  • Rob Holmes Enterprise Business Development Manager
  • Robbie Layao Order Specialist
  • Robin Shucksmith Embedded Developer
  • Ross McAtee Analytics Engineer
  • Russell Ongers Order Specialist
  • Ryan Purcell Product Support
  • Sara Ann Arblaster Customer Order Specialist
  • Sasanka Thewarapperuma Test Engineer
  • Saskia Willett Operations Graduate
  • Scott Daniels Office Systems Administrator
  • Sean Church Financial Reporting Manager
  • Sean Hope Senior Systems Engineer
  • Seerwan Jafar Outbound Sales Agent
  • Shane Marshall Account Manager - Central North Island
  • Shellie Highsted Finance Administrator
  • Shem Semu Installer
  • Shreyas Balakrishna Firmware Developer
  • Soona Lee Senior Analyst, Strategy & Market Development
  • Sophie Blyth Product Manager
  • Stefanie Smith Project Coordinator
  • Steve Allison Platform Operations Engineer
  • Steve Maloney Sales Administrator
  • Teresa Glamuzina Finance Administrator
  • Thomas James Sales Data Analyst
  • Tiffany Lee IT Administrator
  • Tim Raynes Installer
  • Timothy Calderwood Installer
  • Tony Vo Installer
  • Tony Warwood National Sales Manager
  • Tyler Honzel Sales Executive
  • Veronica Verry Installation Co-ordinator
  • Vic Garza Sales Executive
  • Victoria Sintes Account Manager
  • Vijai Karpe Test Engineer
  • Vishal Rai Test Engineer
  • Wayne Lajeunesse Customer Service Representative
  • Werner Terreblanche Manufacturing Test/Firmware Developer
  • Ying Wang Factory Manager
  • Yll Murati Supply Chain Manager
  • Zeke Mojel Outbound Sales Agent

Get in touch

Rebecca McKaskell

HR Manager
+64 9 927 4737


New Zealand (HQ)
260 Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Auckland
0800 4 EROAD | eroad.co.nz

7654 SW Mohawk Street Tualatin, OR 97062
1-855-50-EROAD | eroad.com

Level 6, 5 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004
1300 437 623 | eroad.com.au

Register your Interest

Interested in joining EROAD? If you can’t see a vacancy that fits your skills, send us your CV and we’ll contact you when a suitable role arises.


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